University of Southern California
AIS Authentication

Acceptable Use Policy

The mission of Administrative Information Services (AIS), a division of the University of Southern California, is to provide university departments and their staff and faculty with a computerized Online Transaction Processing Information Infrastructure. This infrastructure and the application systems that compose it must be sustainable, efficient, effective, reliable, secure, highly available, and must reflect current university work flow, practices, and policies. In effort to support this mission, this general use policy was created.

All individuals who use application systems contained within the AIS information infrastructure, known as "users", acknowledge that all information collected and created by these application systems is the sole property of USC. All users will keep such information confidential and use it only to further USC's goals and objectives. All users acknowledge that information security is everyone's responsibility.

It is expected that all AIS users will not share their password information with anyone. In addition, users should routinely change their passwords. Furthermore, the composition of such passwords will be in such a fashion as to be difficult for others to guess. All users will not permit others to use their login sessions.

It is also expected that all users will promptly report what they believe are issues relevant to functionality, security, and work flow impediments to their application system administrator.

The compliance with this general use policy is appreciated.